Put it in a letter

We know that all too often there are thoughts and feelings that go unsaid for one reason or another. Sometimes they’re hilarious, sometimes they’re serious, sometimes they’re just a story you’ve been wanting to tell. Put it in a letter!

Write to your Mom, to your cat, to your ex, to whoever! Send it to us and we’ll post it on the page. Maybe one day you’ll get around to sharing it with whoever it was written for. In the meantime we’ll listen to what you have to say.

Get Writing!

Read the Letters

Write a Letter

Step 1 – Decide who you’re writing to.

Step 2 – Decide what you want to say.

Step 3 – Write it out. Get it the way you want. We suggest you write it in a word processor and then copy and paste it in the box below. That’s just so you don’t loose your work by mistake.

Step 4 – Decide if you want to be credited. We will put your name and city at the bottom of the post if you decide to share that information. Otherwise just put “Anonymous” in the name field.

Step 5 – Send it to us. Our team will process it and post it within a day or two.

Step 6 – Enjoy those touchy feelies!